We deliver high-quality automotive
chemistry products to our clients.

We oversee the entire process,
from creating chemical formulas to the final product packaging.

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We started in 1991.

From the beggining we’ve been connected to the automotive industry. Reliability, precision, and exceptional customer care have made us a leader in the Polish automotive chemistry and cosmetics sector. The experience we gained allowed us to take the next step, starting the production of automotive chemicals. Currently, we have all the necessary infrastructure for comprehensive production, including a modern, fully automated production facility with, among others, HDPE packaging lines and packaging assembly lines.

This enables us to manage the entire process, from creating chemical formulas, blow molding packaging, designing labels, to the final product assembly. Whether it’s automotive cosmetics, operating fluids, products for automatic and manual car washes, or items for automotive workshops.

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Our Values

We serve our customers with assistance and expert advice to ensure they are fully satisfied with our offered products.

We continually expand our knowledge and expertise to meet demands of growing market.

We consistently enhance our product range with increasingly advanced products to fully satisfy our customers’ growing needs.

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Brands we are representing
on the polish market

We are the general distributor for global brands in Poland: Atas, Plak, SONAX, Prestone, Xeramic, Holts, Druchema, ERC, Quixx, and Ring Automotive.

We are also the distributor for Procter & Gamble products – Ambi Pur Car in the fuel and automotive channel in Poland.

Since 2020, we have been packaging and distributing NOXy® AdBlue® – a fluid for reducing NO2 emissions from exhaust gases.


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We Support
the Best

PARYS Company is deeply involved in motor sports.
For many years, we have actively contributed to talent development, starting from the youngest drivers on karting tracks to experienced race and rally drivers and drifters.

Our company’s racing driver, Piotr Parys Junior, a multiple winner and champion of racing series such as Kia Lotos Race 2014 and Porsche Cup Challenge 2016, transitioned to rally racing in 2018 and start his adventure with special stages. In the 2021 season, Piotr Parys Junior dedicated himself to competing in the Polish Hill Climb Championship. As a rookie in hill climb races, he won the Polish Championship in the 3a class and secured the II vice championship in the overall classification of the Polish Hill Climb Championship.
Since the 2022 season, he has been participating in the Polish Rally Championship.

Over the years, we have supported leading Polish rally drivers (Leszek Kuzaj, Michał Bębenek, Bryan Bouffier) and Polish mountain racing champions (Mariusz Stec and Aleksander Michałowski). We also partner with the Sposób Motorsport drifting team.

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Our History


Commencement of in-house production of plastic packaging with a capacity of 10l and 20l with the A.G.D. (Anti Glug Device) system

Collaboration with MTM Industries Sp. z o.o. – AROMA brand

Commencement of in-house production of plastic packaging with a capacity of 1-5l, stacked canisters of 5l

Commencement of collaboration with BASF Germany in the production and sale of GLYSANTIN radiator fluids. Obtaining a positive audit result according to VDA 6.3 guidelines

Commencement of collaboration with Grupa Azoty, obtaining the authorized distributor certificate for NOXy. PPH “PARYS” Sp. z o.o. meets all the criteria of Grupa Azoty and VDA guidelines

OPENING OF THE SECOND PRODUCTION FACILITY – Fully automated production line, modern fire protection system, warehouse managed by the WMS system

Collaboration with Grupa Azoty (Poland) – NOXy brand

Implementation of a quality management system based on PN EN ISO 9001:2015 and PN EN ISO 14001:2015

Collaboration with BASF (Germany) – GLYSANTIN brand

Opening of a MODERN EXPLOITATION FLUIDS BOTTLING PLANT – Production of windshield washer fluids, radiator fluids, etc.

Collaboration with EDCO (Netherlands) – All Ride brand

Collaboration with POWER HORSE Energy Drinks GmbH (Austria)

Collaboration with E.V.I. GmbH (Germany) – QUIXX brand

Collaboration with Kraco Car Care International (UK) – Rain-x brand

OPENING OF A MODERN WAREHOUSE – Warehouse covering an area of 3510 m2 and 5500 pallet spaces

Collaboration with Procter & Gamble, ERC (Germany), Ring Automotive (UK)

Collaboration with Holt Lloyd International Ltd. (UK) – HOLTS and SIMONIZ brands

Collaboration with SONAX (Germany)

Collaboration with Druchema (Czech Republic)

Collaboration with Prestone Products Corporation, a subsidiary of Honeywell (USA)

Collaboration with Petromark Chemicals BV (Netherlands) – Xeramic brand

Initiation of cooperation with the Italian company ATAS


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and Distinctions

We have received the prestigious title of Business Gazelle several times. This prestigious rank distinguishes medium-sized companies characterized by reliability and consistent, dynamic development.

Additionally, we are laureates of, among others:

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