We use many years of experience in the production and packaging of fluids and automotive chemicals to constantly expand our field of competence.

Up to 100 million liters of various types of automotive fluids come off our production lines every year. The production of each of them is a complex, multi-stage and automated process. Each batch is thoroughly tested and checked, and by applying appropriate procedures we are sure that we deliver the highest quality products.

A wide range of product customization options also allows us to produce tailor-made formulas that will meet even the highest requirements.

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We are focused on development
and modern technologies

Our first production facility was established in 2015. In 2020, we opened a second production + warehouse facility in the Lublin Economic Zone, responding to the growing market demand for both manufacturing and storing finished goods.

This facility, equipped with fully automated production lines, is capable of producing liquids almost continuously. Its advantages lies in the high repeatability and accuracy while production and packaging processes for liquids. Our production lines deliver liquids in atomizers and containers ranging from 1 to 1000 liters.

Our production facilities ensure compliance with ISO processes. Together, they can produce up to 100,000,000 liters of various liquids per year.

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do we produce?

  • Ready to use and concentrates.
  • High parameters and modern corrosion inhibitors.
  • Meeting or exceeding generally accepted standards such as G12 or G12+ or certificates such as DEKRA or ITS.
  • A wide selection of fluid colors.
  • Produced without borax, silicates, nitrates, amines and phosphates.
  • Possibility of producing fluids that are mixable with other fluids and suitable for any type of cooler.
  • Possibility of adding features such as: ready to meet specific standards or with increased durability.
  • Summer and winter liquids and concentrates
  • A wide selection of colors and scents.
  • Possibility to produce fluids that meet national or international certifications such as ITS and DEKRA.
  • Possibility to adding features, e.g. specific freezing temperatures, hydrophobic properties or strengthening the formula to remove insects.
  • A wide selection of colors, scents and capacities.
  • Production of liquids with or without alcohol-based recipes.
  • Possibility to adding features, e.g. additional hydrophobic properties or the liquid to be based on a ceramic-coated formula.
  • Highly effective window and mirror defrosters in atomizers
  • Recipes safe for rubber, plastics and car paint.
  • Without harmful methanol.
  • Atomizers equipped with a rotatable nozzle - stream or mist.
  • Possibility to produce a defroster for extremely low temperatures (even down to -70C)
  • High-quality aqueous solution of urea (32.5%), necessary in modern vehicles with SCR technology.
  • Confectioned in a modern factory, maintaining 100% product purity, in accordance with the ISO 22241 standard.
  • Quality confirmed by tests in a laboratory accredited by the Polish Accreditation Center for NOXy®.
  • Possibility of production in a very wide range of capacities, from handy bottles with a funnel to 1000L packaging
  • Water free of all minerals such as sodium, chlorine, calcium and magnesium.
  • For use in many industries: automotive, chemical, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, etc.
  • There are no streaks or characteristic dry spots on the surface cleaned with it.
  • Possibility of production in many capacities.
  • Cleaning and degreasing fluids with a very wide range of applications.
  • Possibility to order ready-made liquids and concentrates.
  • Produced in a wide range of capacities, starting with atomizers.
  • Recipes created with the safety of the user and the cleaned surfaces in mind.
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Why you should choose us for cooperation?

We prioritize high final product quality while ensuring the best possible price.

We manufacture, warehouse, and dispatch finished products from a single location, shortening the logistics route, reducing not only delivery time but also its costs.

We provide technical and substantive support for each project, leveraging over 30 years of experience in the automotive market.

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all requirements

We can offer ‘tailor-made’ formulas customise for uniqe client s— recipes with exceptional properties, colors, and scents. Our facility manufactures products with national and international certifications, such as ITS and DEKRA.

We also emphasize innovation, exemplified by the production of fluids in environmentally friendly canisters from recycled materials or window cleaning fluids with hydrophobic and ceramic technology.

The production facility houses a modern laboratory, an integral part of all manufacturing processes.

Learn more about our laboratory.

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We produce
for you and your clients

Every day, tens of thousands of various automotive fluids roll off our production lines.

The production of each is a multi-stage process, ensuring that the final product not only meets the most rigorous standards but, more importantly, fulfills our customers’ expectations.

We manufacture all kinds of window cleaners and wiper fluids, AdBlue®, coolants, and cleaning products for international brands.

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and procedures

Every moment, from concept creation through design, testing, production to the final result, is carefully considered and fully controlled by us.

This is made possible through proven and established procedures, enabling smooth and efficient operation, allowing us to focus maximally on customer requirements.

Our activities are based, among others, on the ISO Quality Management System and Environmental Management System. We support all processes and decisions with the Code of Conduct, allowing for responsible and ethical decision-making. We conduct multi-stage quality assessments of our suppliers annually, determining further collaboration.

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Full support
in the production process

We provide our clients with full support throughout the production process. We have an experienced and professional team that will guide you through every stage, including creating the right formula or designing labels and packaging.

A wide selection of packaging container allows for the creation of entire, aesthetically consistent product families.

Want to learn more about our containers?/p>
Check out our offer

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– design and production

We understand the crucial role a product label plays. Therefore, we’ve prepared two solutions for your brand.

We can print a label prepared by an external design agency. Alternatively, we can support your brand and design and produce a solution for you.

Our experienced graphic designers only need necessary guidelines and subsequent approval for their work.


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What Can
We Print?


  • PE or PP film with adhesive tailored to the substrate and product specifics
  • Printing on various films is possible (e.g., white, transparent, metallic)

Color Palette

  • CMYK palette printing
  • Pantone palette printing
  • CMYK + Pantone palette printing

Printing Enhancements

  • Possibility of using holographic foil, cold stamping, hot stamping, fluorescent inks, and other print enhancements
  • Application of print security solutions is possible (e.g., use of highly light-resistant inks, minimizing label fading during external exposure, or wear-resistant laminate).
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