of HDPE packaging containers

We produce packaging in three individual lines. Each of them is tailored to specific customer requirements, both in terms of functionality and design. We offer packaging personalization options to suit the most to your brand’s expectations. We are able to produce HDPE packaging in capacities from 2L to 20L. We ensure high final quality and almost flawless repeatability.

We support business partners throughout the entire process from idea to finished product. We listen to customers and test emerging ideas.

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Advantages of collaborating with us?

We provide support throughout the process—from idea to the creation of the final product

Our extensive offering is tailored to the specific needs of the client

We ensure high-quality industriexperal design

With an practiced team and over 30 years of experience in the automotive industry

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Our offering allows the customization of the final product to meet your expectations, thanks to a three-step configuration process. This process helps find solutions that best suit your brand’s needs.

Check out our product configurator

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Design Principles

Every project is unique, so we approach each product individually. We have a proven, repeatable process that allows us to respond to your needs faster.

During the design process, we stick to three main principles that help tackle all challenges:

  • Our packaging containers are designed to support users in terms of ease of use and storage.
  • We listen to customers and test emerging ideas.
  • We maintain visual and functional coherence in a given product line.
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All our packaging containers are created with end-users in mind. We aim for ease and convenience of use.

So, not only do we give brands the choice between different product lines, but we also allow for the customization of specific solutions to meet the client’s needs. This ensures that the packaging fulfills its purpose and looks aesthetically pleasing.

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Color Palette
for Packaging and Caps

We produce packaging in any color from the RAL palette to best suit your brand’s needs. We can also suggest a specific solution that complements the label design.

The wide range of packaging personalization includes caps. Choose from black, red, blue, green, yellow, orange, or silver caps. This allows them to either match the label’s color or contrast, or simlpy stand out against it.

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We offer the option to add seals, indicating that the packaging has never been opened before or child-resistant features.

There’s also the possibility of using special markings (e.g., vision strip) and logo embossing. Our packaging can also feature an additional funnel.

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Looking for a solution not in our offering?
Please contact us!

By listening to the needs of our partners, we can prepare customized packaging. We also have a proven process that allows for a smooth transition from idea to the finished project.

We’re at your disposal!

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