Brake Cleaner – new product from Xeramic

New from Xeramic: Brake cleaner in an can aerosol.

The new product from Xeramic is a highly active cleaning agent with intensive action for industry and workshops. Perfect for cleaning and degreasing, among others: oily and greasy machine parts, brake system components, clutch linings and all kinds of mechanical components. The recipe ensures optimal cleaning results in a very short time. It does not leave traces or residues after use, and softens and removes even dried stains and hard stains

Does not lose pressure:
Contains CO2 instead of propane-butane gas, mostly used in other cleaners, thus maintaining high pressure throughout use.

Because it does not contain acetone, it is completely safe for cleaned surfaces – does not cause corrosion. Moreover, it is equally safe for rubber and plastic elements, without causing their degradation or dissolution.

Can contains 600ml of the product.

Product added to the list.
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