PRESTONE coolant -37°C COR-GUARD® – the new formula

PRESTONE® – refreshes the formula of its flagship product: Ready-to-use antifreeze coolant -37°C. The new formula does not contain 2-EHA acid. The new fluid still boasts universality according to the principle “all makes all models”. Modern COR-GUARD® corrosion inhibitors contained in the liquid guarantee longer protection of the cooling system.

The fluid still contains the latest COR-GUARD® inhibitors, which protect the entire cooling system practically from the moment it is poured. They prevent corrosion, cavitation, erosion and scaling. The engine protection period, declared by PRESTONE® at 480,000 km/10 years between replacements, has not changed. The ready-made fluid allows the engine to operate safely in a wide range of temperatures from -37°C to even 129°C.

It is still an “all makes all models” fluid – fully miscible with other ethylene glycol-based fluids. In addition, when mixed with existing radiator fluid, it does not change its color and at the same time improves its parameters.

PRESTONE® antifreeze coolant meets or exceeds all manufacturer and international standards (including ASTM, SAE, BSI, AFNOR, also adapted to VAG G12, G12+, G12++ and G13). The high quality of PRESTONE® coolant is confirmed by the fact that it is an “OEM” fluid, which means that brands such as Ford, GM and TOYOTA use it as a first pour during vehicle production.

The new formula is available in capacities: 1L, 4L

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